Parish Council

The Parish Council is the part of local government closest to the community. In Lode and Longmeadow the parish council is not party political and is made up of volunteers who live in the village. Find out what we do by reading the agendas and minutes posted at the bottom of this page and how you can have your say in local matters. If we are not the correct authority to deal with your query, we can point you to the relevant part of East Cambs District Council or Cambridgeshire County Council.

The Register of Members' Interests may be found on the Lode Parish Council page on the East Cambridgeshire District Council website:

Meetings take place once a month starting at 7.30pm on a Monday evening at Fassage Hall.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes/Accounts






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Parish Councillors

Ian Faulkner   My wife and I have lived in Lode since 1978, and our three children attended local primary schools and Bottisham Village College. Since retiring from a career in publishing in 2009 I have been able to spend more time exploring the countryside around our village and therefore very much welcome initiatives such as the Lodes Way and the Lode-Quy cycle path. I was delighted to be invited to serve as a Parish Councillor and strongly believe that the Council has a vital role in protecting the environment and encouraging the compatibility of any new developments. Over the last 20 years I have enjoyed preparing quizzes as fundraisers for schools and various clubs and associations such as Lode Tennis Club and Bottisham Community Library. I am also a member of the Lode Star distribution team.  Tel C.811963

Jonathan Giles (Clerk)   I moved to this area in 2012 having previously had a career in social care. I was employed for nearly 20 years in local authority social services and then for 10 years in the charity sector. I worked first for the County of Avon and was then part of the project team setting up a new department when South Gloucestershire Council was created in 1996 through local government reorganisation. I was responsible for all services for adults and older people for the last two years there until I went to run Leonard Cheshire's services in the North East in 2001. I am delighted to take on the role of Clerk in Lode as the Parish Council is the tier of local government closest to voters and most sensitive to what people need in their community. I look forward to meeting you as I learn all about my new tasks.   Tel 07789 012761 or

Philip Lane   I joined the Parish Council as a 'co-opted member' in 2010 and 'elected' in 2011. I decided to become a parish councillor as I want to represent village residents' interests at local level and also preserve the status of there being a Parish Council. I am very conscious that if not enough parishioners form the quorum for the council to function, the administrative role is taken over by the District Council. Something I consider would be a sad state of affairs. I have lived in Lode for the vast majority of my life and have seen many changes take place. I can remember 3 pubs in the village and a 'Labour Club', a baker's shop, 3 grocery shops and a wool shop. I attended the Infants and Primary schools at the Broughton Hall. I am a retired police officer. I have a Master of Science Degree in Security and Risk Management and a Diploma in management studies.   Tel C.811944

Fran Platten   I have lived down Lode Fen for 22 years and our children went to the Village College. I retired from teaching in 2009 at Chesterton Community College where I worked for 14 years. My subject was Science. I very much enjoy being on the Parish Council. We have got the funding and go ahead for the cycle path between Lode and Quy, which will be a great asset to Lode and the other local villages. I loathe waste, and run two jumble sales each year with the help of enthusiastic supporters. The money raised has been used for the cycle path and various charities, and we will continue this. Finally litter. I help with the litter pick each year, and hope to get other villages on board so we have a concerted effort on this scourge on our countryside.   Tel C.813016

Rob Small   I am a newcomer to Lode having moved here with my wife and young family in Autumn 2015 from Cambridge. I volunteered for the Parish Council to help avoid the process of co-option in December 2015. A social scientist by training I have a particular interest in society's relationship with the environment. Through my PhD studies I was lucky enough to spend several years working and researching in Papua New Guinea. For the past five years I have worked for an international wildlife conservation charity, based in Cambridge, and am involved in projects in Liberia, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique. A keen allotment gardener and home brewer I hope to offer good representation for the village on the Parish Council.   Tel C.812626

Robert Stevens (Chairman)   I and my wife came to Lode in 1978 and I volunteered to return Lode Mill to working order for the National Trust with the help of some other mill enthusiasts. Our children went to Lode School (until it closed) and then Bottisham Village College. I worked in Cambridge for Philips Telecom and also gained an MSc and PhD and thereafter did some consultancy work on planning mobile radio systems. From 2007 until 2015 I was a District Councillor for Bottisham and Lode, where I served on Licensing, Environment and Transport, Strategic Development and Planning Committees. I joined Lode Parish Council in 2016. Lode has not had any new affordable homes built for over 30 years, unlike Bottisham where over 40 have been build built since 2000, so I am keen to see what can be done for young people who have grown up here or work here, who would be given priority for renting or part-ownership of them over those from elsewhere in the District.  Tel C.811643

Tomas Fitzgerald   I was co-opted onto Lode Parish council in June 2018 having recently moved to the village with my young family. I grew up in Madingley (South Cambs) and am delighted to be resident in Lode for the long term. During my PhD in bioinformatics I developed computational methods for studying rare disease in humans. Currently I run a small research group with a major focus on using large-scale linked genetic and health care data (“big data”) to understand basic biology. Other geeky interests include real time, onsite DNA sequencing using handheld devices, the determination of 3D structures using super-resolution microscopy and the storage/retrieval of binary information (computer files) in physical strands of DNA. I am a keen musician with a strong draw towards my Irish roots and can often be found learning/playing folk music on the Anglo concertina, tin whistle or Uilleann pipes. The strong community spirit, friendly atmosphere and pleasant landscapes of the village inspired me to get involved with the parish. My primary aim as a councillor is to help ensure that the village and residents are well represented for the continued maintenance and future planning of village assets and events.   Tel C.812073

Teresa Crickmar   I recently moved to Lode with my young family in April 2018 and we feel at home already. I wanted to be an active member of the community and the Parish Council seemed the perfect opportunity to get involved in village life. I have enjoyed a varied career in the creative fields and education. I am a trained jeweller and silversmith as well as a qualified teacher. I have managed art galleries, taught in primary, secondary and adult education settings and until recently ran a social enterprise working with people across Cambridgeshire. The move to Lode is also the start of my new life as an artist. I am hoping to use my skills and experience to continue my passion for community development and for promoting well being among the people of the parish.